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Welcome to Sam Bell Guitar, you can find lessons and music in the top right links.

Sam Bell is a guitarist from Chichester, UK. He is best known for his work in UK Tech Metal band Mask of Judas, and from his increasing presence on YouTube, gaining notoriety through his 8 string compositions and technical ability. Sam has recently released a mini-album with his band Mask of Judas “Axis” and will be playing Bloodstock Festival this year.
Having started playing guitar since the age of 4 due to being inspired by seeing the Buddy Holly story around that age, he had a serious accident which almost cost him the use of his arm, this resulted in him not playing for many years. Sam eventually picked up the guitar again and attained a degree at university in Music, this is where he was introduced by friends to guitarists such as Paul Gilbert. Since then, he hasn’t looked back. He also specialises in many other areas of music, Sam teaches guitar in schools, colleges, and workshops. He does session work, utilizing his playing and writing ability within various different styles of music. Sam’s notable guitar influences include Guthrie Govan, Tosin Abasi, Mark Knopfler, Graham “Pin” Pinney, and the 80s.

You can catch Sam in upcoming issues of Guitar Interactive Magazine, where he will be talking about 8 string guitar and progressive metal music. And you will be able to catch him on tour with Mask of Judas at a venue or festival near you. Sam proudly endorses GRUV GEAR.

“Dude! Well done! The aritcles,interviews and demos are all top notch too. I really enjoyed your interpretation of my style . Glad to see the extended range guitar getting some validation in magazines etc. keep up the good work!!”
Tosin Abasi – Animals as Leaders/TRAMTosin Abasi and Sam Bell

“Sam Bell has all the ingredients of a top guitar player, a great musical ear, and guitar chops to die for”Laurie Monk – The Truth in Shredding

“Sam Bell is a superb player who has that great balance of musicality and technique that so many players strive to achieve”
Rick Graham – Guitarist of the year 2011

“Sam Bell is an advanced guitarist who possess a high level of technical control and a mature sense of musicality that is advanced beyond his age”
Scott McGill – Guitar Techniques Magazine 

 “You sound great!!”
Paul Gilbert – Racer X/Mr Big/Solo

Download Mask of Judas ‘Axis’ for FREE here:
Mask of Judas Mini Album ‘Axis”


Sam uses Ibanez Guitars

Sam uses Ibanez Guitars

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